Studio: Hothead Games (2014)
 Role: Lead Designer, Art Director
Summary: Spy Wars is a player-versus-player base-building strategy game where players command a spy agency, hire agents, and take on jobs for various state actors in order to grow their enterprise. It was developed for iOS.
My Contributions: 
Created an original IP (story, characters, and world), pitched the game concept, and designed the framework for the game (core loop, metagame, and economy).
Designed and tuned all of the low-level core mechanics and interactions in the game (combat system, building mechanics, and functions) as well as many of the high-level progression systems in the game (player levels, PvE and PvP progression).
• Directed all of the character and location art and animation by setting the vision for the art style, compiling reference materials, and iterating and reviewing all the in-game assets and designs with the artists.
Designed and implemented all of the single-player missions (including the welcome flow), wrote and directed the story, and co-wrote the dialogue.
Engine: Custom Engine (Proprietary for the Project)
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